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Merchant Originated Secured Electronic Transaction(MOSET)

What is MOSET?

MOSET is essentially stands for Merchant Originated Secured Electronic Transaction, which utilizes the SSL ( Secured Socket Layer) encryption module to transfer Payment Details from the Donor's Computer to the Payment Server. The level of encryption is dependant on the donor's web browser. The highest level of encryption generally available to Malaysians now is currently at 124 bits.

We utilize SET (Secured Electronic Transaction) encryption methods from the Payment Server to MEPS (Malaysian Electronic Payment System), the sole local payment consortium of financial institutions consisting mainly of the major banks of Malaysia. MEPS plays a very pivotal role in the sophisticated electronic payment system for the country's financial services industry.

PayDirect utilizes MOSET in terms whereby ADFM site is integrated with the secured PayDirect site to provide users with the maximum security possible.

MOSET Transaction Diagram

Merchant Originated Secured Electronic Transaction(MOSET)


  1. Card Holder connects to the ADFM website (www.adfm.org.my) via Internet.
  2. Card Holder clicks on 'Donation' button to donate. Enters Name as appeared on Credit Card , Billing Address and Amount to be donated.
  3. Donor confirms the transaction and chooses to use MOSET. The donor is then directed to the Payment Server. Donor enters credit card number and expiry date into secured site.
    (A secured site begins with https:// instead of http:// and has a digital certificate attached)
  4. Payment Server encrypts all info passed to it into SET and transmits the info to MEPS.
  5. MEPS then passes the encrypted info to the Acquiring Bank (where ADFM has opened a Merchant Account)
  6. Acquiring Bank will check with the card issuer for validation to prevent fraud.
  7. Card issuer will inform acquiring bank of the authorisation status. Acquiring bank will pass the information to ADFM through the payment server via MEPS.
  8. Upon Authorization received from Card Issuer, ADFM will be authorized to complete the transaction (carry out a capture). This will occur every 14 days to give the Acquiring Bank and Issuing Bank time to detect unreported fraud.
  9. When ADFM captures the transaction, the card issuer will pay the amount into ADFM's merchant Account.
  10. Card Holder is issued a monthly statement and pays for all transactions.