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Malaysian Scene

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Malaysian Scene

The state of the Malaysian Alzheimer's scenario:

A round-list of support groups or contact persons in the different states in the country; plus the schedules of meetings and other activities organised for each locality.

Medical and other references that may be of interest to those seeking specialist advice/ treatment and other information on Alzheimer's Disease.

Stories and articles selected from our own Support Group newsletter 'Sharing': a channel for local Alzheimer's families to share their experiences and to keep up to date with the activities and issues of the big Malaysian Alzheimer's family.

A comprehensive calendar of events and programs relevant to the Alzheimer's community, constantly updated for your participation opportunity

A compilation of projects and programs organised for the benefit of all those whose lives have been touched by Alzhjeimer's and other forms of dementia - the patients and their families, the volunteers and the benefactors of the Alzheimer's movement. We hope to generate awareness and support for these projects.

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