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  1. Alzheimers Disease Foundation Malaysia ('ADFM') has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure to that the content of the website is true and accurate.
  2. ADFM reserves the right to add / remove / modify material provided on this website without prior notification.
  3. ADFM takes no liability for all or any losses / injury / damages resulting directly or indirectly from the contents published on this website.
  4. All internet links provided by ADFM on this website serves as a general purpose guide only. ADFM is not associated in any capacity to any of the websites linked to. ADFM does not take responsibility to ensure the accuracy of the content of the websites linked from the ADFM website or with links to the ADFM website.
  5. All material content provided on this website is for educational purposes only. Please refer to trained medical practitioners for medical guidance on the proper course of action as related to Alzheimer's Disease and the treatment of patients.
  6. Neither ADFM nor any of its sponsors take responsibility for any fraud or losses arising from the use of credit cards to make donations to ADFM via this website.
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