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About Donations

1. Who manages the Funds ?

All funds donated to Alzheimer's Disease Foundation Malaysia from this website will be paid into an account managed by the ADFM Board of Trustees.

No member of ADFM in his/her personal capacity or any of ADFM's sponsors will benefit financially from the funds or transaction of funds donated to ADFM via this website.

2. Tax Exemption

ADFM is a Registered Charity in Malaysia. All donors will be issued with an official receipt that can be produced for tax exemption purposes under Malaysian Law. The physical receipt will be posted to the donors within 30 days of the funds being paid into ADFM's account.

3. Use of funds

ADFM pledges to use the funds for purposes as stipulated by the donor only and for no other purposes without the expressed consent of the donor.

4. Payment Type

Cheques and Money/Postal Orders will have to be posted to our mailing address where we will process the information and display the donor's name on our website as well.

Credit card donations using Visa Card or Master Card is the quickest way to donate to our cause. There is no restriction on whether it is a Malaysian issued credit card or a foreign issued credit card.

5. Currency

We are able to accept Ringgit Malaysia (RM) only. The donor's credit card will be billed in RM. Card holders will incur a currency conversion charge by their card issuer upon bill settlement if the cardholders are using a currency other than RM to settle their arrears.

Example :
A Japanese uses his Visa Card to donate RM 100. His card is issued by a Japanese bank and he normally settles his bills using his local currency, which is Japanese Yen. In his credit card statement, the donation will be itemised as a RM payment item converted to Japanese Yen at Visa's currency conversion rate. The Japanese donor will then settle the payment by paying the stated amount in Yen equivalent to RM 100.